"A powerful archetypal journey from unenlightened living, dysfunction and despair to spiritual awakening."
-Eckhart Tolle,
'A New Earth' and 'The Power of Now'

"Kudos to Philippe Caland for crafting such a refreshingly-unpredictable cautionary tale filled with complex characters, and for coaxing inspired performances from an A-list cast topped by Forest Whitaker, Virginia Madsen and Minnie Driver."
-Kam Williams,
Syndicated Critic

"Can today's challenge lead to joy and happiness? You bet and The Ripple Effect shows us how. There are many books and films out there right now that attest to deliver powerful information to help us understand the laws of the Universe. The Ripple Effect shows us how these laws work in our everyday lives. To see Forest Whitaker demonstrate how the act of forgiveness can set us free was one of the most powerful demonstrations that I have ever seen."
-Dr. Pat Baccili,
The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio To Thrive By!

"Leaving Hollywood nonsense behind, Philippe Caland has now made his second compelling and original movie that captures the deeper meaning of life at the moment when one is forced to give up the disease of control and the ego illusion of self worth/self hate - the world in which 98% of us struggle for meaning - and submit to a larger force completely outside of our control.

His 'Hollywood Buddha' was a whimsical, charming, infectious if gentle romp in this mindspace. His current, utterly grabbing 'Ripple Effect' tears the veils off from the outset and keeps tearing until the characters - and audience - have been swept through their own high-drama ripple effect, that of seeing one's life shaped ferociously by the inner wounds we all carry.

Caland displays a gift for evoking from the audience edge-of-chair emotions via his combination of genuine, very real characters and sharp, intelligent, meaningful, very real (for thinking people) dialogue. He's also a fine director working with a terrific cast, enjoyable alone for watching Forest Whitaker, Virginia Madsen and Caland himself (in the protaganist role) reveal their rich selves right through the screen characters."
-Jay Levin,
LA Weekly
1/8/09 Voice of America [interview]
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9/23/08 Daytona Beach Film Festival [review]
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November 2008 II Festival de Cine Global Dominicano [Dominican Republic Film Festival]
July 2008 Woods Hole Film Festival
June 2008 Boston International Film Festival
Winner, 'Indie Spirit Best Picture Award'
May 2008 Santa Cruz Film Festival
April 2008 41st Annual WorldFest
Winner, Remi Award
March 2008 Byron Bay Film Festival
February 2008 Sedona Film Festival
Winner, 'Best Feature Fillm' award
December 2007 Barbados Film Festival
July 2007 Avignon Film Festival

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Running Time: 82:39 minutes
Exhibition Format: HDCAM
Production Format: HDCAM
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Color, Stereo, English
Completed: 12/17/07

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